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With Skip Hire Network we provide a simple and easy option to finding the right skip for the job.

We have a wide range of skip sizes both locally and nationally across South Africa, from Cape Town to Messina. We help you find the best skip hire prices for your needs, and we always do our best to save you time and money.

We have all the top skip hire companies in South Africa listed on our site. This makes it easier for you to find availability and the best skip hire price for the whole market, with only a few clicks. The waste carriers listed on our site are all registered and trusted. They dispose of hundreds of tonnes of waste every day and therefore are dedicated to minimise the volume of waste taken to land fill sites across South Africa. Our waste carriers only use Authorised Treatment Facilities to dispose of your skip waste and in most cases recycle up to 100% of the contents.

Regardless of whether you are moving, clearing up your garden, doing some DIY around the house, looking for a skip for your trade waste or commercial use, let us help you find the Best Skip Prices in South Africa



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We often get a lot of people landing on our website looking for skip hire near me. We always try our best to find you the best local skip hire companies, with the best prices.

Below are a few other areas that you may find skip hire suppliers. If there aren’t any available in Tshishiru maybe the suppliers in the areas below can help.

Garside, Septimus, Natalie, Tshipise, Tshitwi, Maranikhwe, Ha-Matsheketsheke, Tshiavha, Tshamulongwe, Makuleni



In South Africa, one of the most popular ways to get rid of debris, junk, or any waste material is using a skip. Skip hire is used for both domestic and commercial projects and is a cost effective and easy way to get rid of waste.

Hiring a skip in South Africa is essential when generating a large amount of building waste and rubbish materskip hire in Tshishiruial. So, whether it is a DIY project, such as garden clear ups, bathroom/kitchen refitting, or at industrial construction sites—hiring a skip is your most convenient, affordable and reliable waste removal method.

There are a large number of skip hire providers in Tshishiru. There are also a number of national skip hire companies that provide services throughout SA.

Below is a list of items that cannot be placed in a skip. This will help you decided on the size of skip you may need, or if you need a specialist waste removal company to take the waste away from your premises.

What can I not put in a skip?

Below are a few of the main items that are not allowed to be placed in skips. This list will change from time to time so please ask you skip hire company if you have any doubts, before placing your order with them.

  • Batteries/electronics (fridge, freezers, TV, etc.)
  • Chemicals/paint
  • Medical items
  • Tyres
  • Gas cylinders
  • Light bulbs
  • Asbestos
  • Plasterboards
  • Any other hazardous item

Different uses for Skips and Skip Bins

People in South Africa hire skips for a number of reasons. One of the reasons being affordability and convenience that skip hire brings as an efficient waste disposal solution. There are numerous sizes of skips available for different kinds of jobs. Here are a few popular uses of skips:

Domestic use

If you are undergoing a house renovation, skip hire is an essential waste disposal solution to consider. Whether it is fitting a new bathroom or knocking down a wall, you will accumulate a large amount of waste. Therefore, depending on the amount of waste, you can choose a skip that best fits your waste requirements.

Pave way/driveway installation

This is one of the most common uses of skip hires. The installation process removes the old driveway and the waste material can easily be loaded into a small skip.

Unwanted waste clearance of old places

This usually occurs when tenants leave behind heaps of unwanted waste such as old furniture, fittings, etc. Skips are great to use as the garbage can be disposed off.

Garden clean-up

While cleaning gardens, we are often faced with a large amount of organic waste such as soil and other materials. Skips are able to take in all kinds of garden clearance waste. In SA, most garden owners can opt to choose from small affordable skips for small garden clean up jobs.

What NOT to do when using a skip.

Whether it is for domestic or commercial purpose, people in South Africa use skips to dispose of all sorts of waste material. When using a skip to get rid of waste or rubble, be aware not to make the following mistakes.

  • Do not overfill your skip:

    This is one of the most common problems. People tend to overfill their skips regardless of what size and weight the skip is intended for. Filing a 2 yard skip with waste material meant for a 4 yard will only cause it to overflow and potentially get you a fine from skip hire provider. Look for a skip that best fits your requirements, rather than getting the job done at a low cost. Always opt for a larger size than you think you may need. This will save you money from hiring two skips that can be more expensive. Also remember to pack all waste material efficiently, in order to make the most out of your skips space.

  • Do not place your skip in the wrong place:

    It is best and highly recommended to place your skip in your private property. Public spaces are generally congested with pedestrians and vehicle traffic. Your skip may become a pain for other people if you put it in an inconvenient place.

  • Do not put prohibited items into the skip:

    As mentioned earlier, avoid putting in items that are hazardous and deadly. These items are listed by your skip hire provider and can cost you heavy fines if you do not abide by their guidelines.

Skips are available in a diverse range of sizes, measurements and configurations. So whether you want to dispose kitchen fittings, garden clean-ups or large amounts of rubble, make sure to pick the right size skip to get your job done.

Making best use of your skip hire

In order to get the best use of your skip you need to make sure you utilise the skip size that you have ordered efficiently, otherwise you will be left with higher costs and waste scattered all over the place.skip with rubble

People often discard waste into the skip without packing it efficiently. As a result, they potentially lose a large amount of space and end up paying extra for it. When items are dumped a skip, it becomes extremely difficult to arrange the waste properly. Here are some things to consider for an efficient, smooth process:

  • Put heavy items first: It is recommended to discard off heavy items first. If your items are flat in shape, this can make it easier to place other items on top. Flat items can create the best use of space at the bottom of the skip. These items usually include tables, boards, etc.
  • Break up items if you need to: If you have heavy or large items that can be broken into pieces, such as furniture, boxes, or just anything oddly shaped—try to break them into smaller pieces so as to save some space in your skip for other waste material.
  • Make sure to place skip on your property: This is helpful in case you forget to put something in your skip. Keeping the skip in your property will also allow you to add anything that you might have missed earlier.

How to reduce cost of a skip hire?

Get quotes:

To ensure that you get the best price, consider researching the market intensively before making the final decision. Get quotes from various suppliers to compare. Generally, getting 3 to 4 quotes is recommended. Ensure all quotes are inclusive of VAT, permit costs and any other additional charges

Sell/Donate or Recycle:

This is a great way to help you decrease the amount of waste material and ultimately bring down skip size required and the cost. There are numerous ways to donate, sell and recycle used goods. You can even use the internet to donate and sell.

So instead of opting to dump off your old furniture, cupboards, bed set, tables, kitchen and bathroom fittings or any other domestic accessory, you can sell or donate to bring down the total skip hire cost.

Recycling also has the following benefits:

  • Saving energy: When using industry related recycling material we can save a lot of energy. Besides energy, money is saved in extraction and refining of natural resources.
  • Environmental protection: Recycling is one essential way to reduce pollution. As a matter of fact, SA saves at least 18 million tonnes of CO2 annually
  • Resource conservation: Recycling helps to reuse materials that can be transformed into other new products. Instead of manufacturers opting to extract resources and damage the natural eco-system, they can recycle materials to conserve resources.

Recycling can be easy and convenient with the right mind set, and it will save you money when hiring a skip.

Book in advance:

Booking your skip hire service in advance can save you quite a lot of money, instead of booking at the last minutes.

How long can you hire a skip for?

Hiring a skip varies from job to job. Some jobs are completed quickly, while other may take hours. In most cases, hire periods usually last from 1 to 14 days.